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Poetic Ramblings of An eklypse

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- cherry gloss -


of course, i remember -


claret, your most favored shade

a hurried ragtop; beguiling sheath dress

alluring lace; velvet quilt; delectable Bordeaux

inebriating as heady bergamot on skin 

while the cure's ballad echoed in ivory walls


If you didn’t strike me with the fear of God, I would have stayed.


yes, but -

...said consequences were much too high.


no, i didn't have to

inscribe in orchestrated riddles

but why insult scarlet's intelligence

with superfluous elementary scrawls?


Just emulate me; no emotional pain involved.


and you won't find what you're seeking from

the clouds on the summit of your coffee cup

for the same reason that i didn't have to witness

the transparent gathering of oceanic raindrops

just to know that nothing's changed behind

remorseful chasmic pools of grays even as

profound uncertainty seeps through

a hazy display from kilometers away


It won't be meaningless.


while s.c.a-t-t-e-r.e.d entries lay open

in a fragmented journal


- I can't convince you to believe -'s getting late...


- I'll walk you out. -


a record of

unredacted ruby episodes from

our willful acts of good intentions


of course, i remember.


© eklypse


- don't refrain -

deliriously imperious from this valium

i'm beginning to think i need a new cranium

'cause while associating me with pain makes you feel

learning how to laugh made me clean once again

heal then deal with your condescending tone

you were always prone to postpone

any type of remorse for the lying corpse

on the bedroom floor

and i made sure the desperation

won't present a weird perception

of how i slayed in the name of my wild geranium

tailor made titanium suits for combat zone

built a stepping stone for our make believe byzantium

watched the champagne thrown from miles away

feigning pain as your brain tried to explain

how a splintered existence flowered in vain

able to maintain the chain on your public domain

and still i preach an unorthodox speech


a preordained life is NOT worth living

© eklypse


- sheer stupidity -

it's numbing to the core of evolution

when all it can see are dark clouds

encircling a hunched child

as she tries to sleep trying to catch

her dreams of becoming a super nova

but it's been r-i-p-p-e-d, and there's nothing

she can do but




as she laid it on

thick as the tar dripping from your lies

it's an art form -- an act of supernatural force

to gather and store ‘em all up

in this motherfuckin’ ceremony of words

and thinking back as the grudge builds up

it's still amazing to what extent

you're willing to sacrifice and take

just to have us breathing from your

pathetic, psychotic, ludicrous messages


it was sheer stupidity when I happened to

catch a glimpse of your sliced up image

with claims of having been abused and spit on

by presumably deceitful media statements of

the stifling miasma of your never-ending disguises


a nation of seething atrophy is a poor excuse for a

"civilization" when we were supposed to have been

civilized by the martyrs that died at the hands of tyrants

but we're wasting away at the hands of misery

as you kill each other and raise tariffs for the

right to hold 13 colonies of dead presidents

and is it just me who finds the notion of

religion just a tiny bit hypocritical?

© eklypse


- after hours -

work hard, play harder
isn't that the saying?

time to have some fun
get me a shot of tequila
let's rock this place down
as the system plays the hits
bobbin' our heads to the rhythm
like a bunch of morons

what'd you say to me?!

"execute, execute"

homicidal instincts after the second shot
blood's boiling
call the sheriff
a murderous mind is on the loose
generating obliteration of a retard generation

real-like images after the third shot
ceiling's swirling
naked pixies twirling
whirling in a sea of
rainbow tidal waves

freaked out of my mind
running out of this joint
getting in the car
green, yellow, red
merging altogether
taking another shot
blurring my vision
speeding -- accelerating
causing a nineteen car pileup

out of the rubble
out of the hole
onto the table
yelling: miracle! miracle!

merci, merci
now, get out of my way
hand me another shot
dedicate it in the name
of good, clean fun


© eklypse


**Don't drink and drive!

- Technicolor Chapters -

With psychedelic smiles,
Aesthetic eyes, refined visions;
You broadened my mind
Set the horizon aflame
Through your not so elementary protocols

You instilled in me unproductiveness
To be a vapid relic
And throwing it aside
You encouraged me to
Drain my empty episodes into
Prolific fragmented entries
And transcribe other's texts

As in verbatim, you would always say:
"Think outside the box."
With this started my newest challenge
At scholastic scrawls

As I cultivated my craft
Through your pensive words
I never fully expressed
How deeply touched I was
With your understanding
Of an adolescent's complexities
And I never fully expressed
My gratitude to you

As I marched through that procession
Sitting on my chair
I looked for a familiar face;
And as in verbatim, I said to you:
"Thank you, Mrs. Hogan, for everything."

© eklypse


**Dedicated to an outstanding high school English teacher who enhanced my appreciation of the written word. You will be missed.

- mid-youth crises -




tempted to further inflict recompense

while appraising scarlet streaks

on silky smooth ivory pulp

but reeling in enough restraint to

progress searing taps into enchantment


     + descrying a riveted image on a saltire +


a deafening wave of silence

from the familiar milieu

igniting ardent discussions after

an installment of an ongoing chapter

to a multitude of continuous scenarios




taking control of an impasse

choosing to remove self

from the equation of a time

thought long forgotten; casting aside

detrimental cravings during

a tempestuous past to eventually

allow one's vocation to propel

inevitably emerging as partner

     "...emulate me;

     no emotional pain involved..."


wistful evocative vignettes

of glistening coffee eyes

play in the recess of

this fragmented psyche

attempting to absolve

ruptured senses for the

next poor soul that advances




powerless to pen pirouetting words

only able to form white static

adding to decaying shadows

and fleeing to the Eternal City

far away from haunting cobalt irises

searching respite from having to


tiptoe across e.v.e.r.y. blasted mirror


drowning in an internal caterwaul

that's been threatening to spill out

with each new conquered liaison

causing ineluctable intermittent deaths


- repercussions of regulating a sedated heart.


© eklypse


- howl to the herd -

i used to look for ways

to uncover my subconsciousness

while muffling my consciousness

it was when night engulfed light

crimson moon bled to the ground

and an intimate portrait unfolded itself

like this skeptic's loyalty to leviathan

smearing sporadically over a starless sky


a steady flow of scarlet art


it still makes me wonder

if indulging in poison can ever be

more than ephemeral joy?

and can a direct threat to the veins

be covered by a senseless act

of a masquerade consumed by

faith ever burning brightly?


but i don't worship constrict obedience

only a life of observance and knowledge

an altar of freedom and mortal bliss

i don't need superfluous distress

life abounds with enough stress

and if memory serves me well

i rebuilt my world with only the help

of the reflection from the mirror

so when i hear malignant fallacy

i turn to these fingers and let magic flow


i would rather be transfixed

to glacial carved enamel blues

than be chained to blind ignorance

and i don't care to hear your opinion

- vapid drivels spewed by clowns.

© eklypse


- transition -

the scars of the preceding year

is forever etched within

the recesses of dreams

akin to a detached sunrise of panic

as a wall of trumpets engineered a

static fire to dullards' cruxes

shattering so-called-'proven collaborations'

disputing the logic of a revolutionist's defeat

while a nation holds a vigil

for the West's only Bolsheviks

but through fearing americans

he introduced the first wave

of insurmountable purple rains

when the fifth quarryman fell

along with the mighty pugilist

even the living vampire could not deter

the Maestro's plan for the annual tapestry


but slivers of the midnight sun

could be seen eclipsing through

offering haven from respite

whilst a friend recovers

from a languid state

a littoral union took place

marking a blissful Caribbean genesis

and another carried on their lineage

in a november hadrian valentine


- a coalescence of events

modulating the new year

promising to be infinitely better

than the scars of the preceding year.

© eklypse


- take a swig of this -

it's a nightmare when
insanity speaks through this pen
it has the tendency to come out
as light as the feather
gently slithering on your thighs
as gory as the maggots
crawling on your belly
as simplistic as possible
for everyone to understand

or i can easily turn it into
a sophisticated transcription
when i begin to visualize
that moment in time
sitting with a periscope in hand
and scattered snapshots
frozen in prolific agony

but hey, wait up
i'm only getting started
so sit back down and listen
as i start penning more of the
mass hysteria that's sweeping the stars

it's a natural high knowing
i can take a swig of this ink
and still breeze through this season
like nothing ever phases me
until i yield to the desire
to spill bruised emotions
into this college ruled paper
as words hurriedly vacate my mind
looking for a meaning
and someone to offend

because those who knows me best
know i have a tendency
to become unobtrusive
while still commanding supremacy
in the way i dart this pen
from left to right
and right to left
depending on my mood and reason

even when sometimes i forget
what i started talking about
and what point i was making
you can't help but to just
smile and nod

© eklypse


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