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J Cay -

I have been diligently following both the international and market news, but admittedly, I haven't followed your momentum for many years now. I figured I will eventually encounter your name. I never did. But what I saw surprised me. This morning: Twickenham. And with that profession. I immediately knew. After 11 years, there are certain moments I still vividly recall - it was only a 30 minute drive from your office. So, who else could it be? I only know two people from that country, and she doesn't live there nor is she a part of that vocation. Judging from our last encounter, I can only surmise that it must be the pandemic. Since you've decided to peruse my professional networking profile, I have no doubt you will eventually find this: Know that I am tremendously proud of you.

I decided to run a search, and I'm left utterly speechless. Conferences after conferences. Seminars after seminars. Cases after cases. I scoured the internet. How do you only have one single picture on the World Wide Web? For a semi-public figure living in the digital age, how did you manage that? Even a few of your peers weren't able to distance themselves from the scrutiny of the public eye. You'll never cease to amaze me. I know how you like your biographies - as succinct as possible with the facts to satiate curiosity but allowing for maximum privacy. With the minuscule of relevant information available, I'm not surprised your western stint was conveniently left out. Regardless, I'm happy - elated, if you will - that you were appointed to a judiciary body, ironically, with a similar acronym to the one you originally wanted to be a part of - what an epic irony indeed. Why the change of course? Anyway, the J prefix suits you. Stay safe.

I seem to recall your affinity for this song...

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